Attention Voters

Don’t waste your vote by believing the bullshit about wasted votes.


This is my obligatory post about the election.

It really doesn’t matter to me who you vote for, but you should understand that acting as though this is only a 2-party election is very wrong. I had something like a dozen options on my ballot.

I realize that South Park and many others have given the “wasted vote” argument, which has some rationality to it, but is also a really bad way to get people interested in the electoral process. Please, for the sake of future elections and your own piece of mind, not to mention your enjoyment of this whole thing, find the candidate you want, and tick the box next to their name, regardless of who you think will win. The only wasted vote is a vote cast for anyone other than who you want to be president.

Now go vote, get a sticker, and a free coffee.