Occam’s Razor

Also, the moon landing was faked, 9/11 was an inside job, and herpes was developed by the sadistic leprechauns of Easter Island.


One of these is the actual opinion of a 60-something woman overheard while my wife and I were trying to enjoy vegetable samosas and masala-drenched potatoes and cauliflower. See if you can tell which is the fake!

Option A:

  • The Sandy Hook shooting was faked. Nobody actually died. The school was closed before the “shooting” took place, which made it a great place to stage an event that would fool most people into believing it happened. This hoax was devised as a way to infringe upon the gun-ownership rights of Amercians.
  • In concert with the above, They don’t want you to have guns because it will make it much easier to install New Hitler (who is not similar to Donald Trump). Because old Hitler rounded up everyone’s guns, promising them that they’d be protected and safe.
  • Nobody in Parkland, Florida is actually dead. The people you see ranting about guns and the need for gun reform are paid actors. That one boy is the son of an FBI agent father and CIA mother, an employee directed to speak at the expense of our 2nd Amendment.

Option B:

  • I really like guns and I don’t want to be without them because I am scared shitless of a world I’ve stopped understanding some time ago.