Book It

Or, how to fill a cup, one drop at a time.


There’s a third book on the way. It’s about all the traveling we’ve done over the past few years. I wasn’t sure that it would be anything more than just a really long essay, but after 25,000 words, I think I have something here. Probably next year sometime. I’m going to try to get a real publisher for this one instead of just going the CreateSpace route, even though that was pretty rewarding.

I’m using the 500-words-per-day ritual that’s attributed to Hemingway, but who knows if that was really his thing or he was just borrowing it from someone else. Whatever, it’s actually working. The writing happens, pretty much every day, and I don’t get sick of it like I used to when just writing until I couldn’t think of anything else. You’d get 2,000 words out and then be stuck for a week. With this, I stop at around 500 even if there’s more to say. I just save it for tomorrow. I think about what I’ll write next during the day. It’s been fun so far. I highly recommend it.

Professional Cabinetry

Doug Stamper can be my Chief of Staff, but only during that time when he was on the wagon.

I now announce picks for my cabinet:

Vice President: My wife. (She’s very diplomatic. Love you, honey!)

Secretary of State: Edward Abbey (posthumous award)

Secretary of the Treasury: Kenneth Lay

Department of Defense: Dr. Strangelove

Justice Secretary: Johnnie Cochran

Secretary of the Interior: Martha Stewart

Secretary of Agriculture: Monsanto*

Department of Commerce: Oliver Twist‘s Fagin

Labor Secretary:

This guy:

Department of Health and Human Services: Dr. Jack Kevorkian (as represented by one gallon of bleach)

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Caterpillar, Inc.*

Department of Transportation: ROADS!

Energy Secretary: Richard Simmons

Education Secretary: The Flat Earth Society (as represented by a plate of meatballs)

Department of Veterans Affairs: The Westboro Baptists**

Department of Homeland Security: Tom, the man I caught scrawling something about Jewish people on the bathroom stall door.

*Corporations are people, too.

**Alternate for health and human services.