Focus, Motherfucker.

What’s so great about all that demonic noise?


I was listening to Origin today, or as most of you know it, “horrible noise”. After years of this stuff, a person starts to wonder what on earth is enjoyable about the sound, but most people can’t stand it. There’s no accounting for taste, sure, but this is like people are wired to enjoy certain things.

However, I think I’ve figured out that this is what it takes to shut off my internal commentary, just for awhile. I don’t have voices in my head, but there’s plenty of dumb shit bouncing around in there all the time. When people are talking to me, when I’m talking to them, when I’m reading, while driving…it’s not that I’m not listening to you, it’s that I’m developing a 20-page explanation for what you just said that has nothing to do with reality or our roles in it. This is not a gift. Some people (people who are probably more disciplined than I am) use meditation to avoid self-distraction. Or meditation’s similarly spelled alternative, medication.

But tonight, Origin stopped the bouncing of the shit, and for that I’m always grateful.

Happy Perseids to you all.

Author: Hontz

I am the best author at least one of you has ever read. There is no chance that after reading my blog you will think, "What an absolute weirdo."

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